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Every home, like people, has their own story. The Grey Designer Creative Studio believes in the power of creativity. Creative design not only cultivates aesthetics, it creates a connection that offers a vibe or a dreamy atmosphere for those that dwell in the spaces. We share our passion for design by offering residential interior design services to create spaces that convey emotions and enrich our day-to-day. From Wisconsin & beyond with endless boundaries, allow us to be working on multiple creative projects; from consultations to design + build.

fireplace with textured chairs
bathroom with round vanity
Image by Vino Li

enduring design

Our enduring design seeks to create sustainable and impressionable spaces with naturalist inspired components that stand the test of time.

bench with soft pillows
kitchen shelf display


To create interiors that respect time, nature, and the comforts of everyday life. To create spaces that elicit relaxation and coziness making one feel a sense of belonging. To create spaces that encourage people to wind down and feel a sense of coziness or comfort in their home; to really feel at home. Our design vision aims to enrich the human experience; it’s at the center of all of our projects.


what we do

TGD offers residential interior design services for all design needs US and beyond. 

We seek to create spaces that inspire and evoke life within one's space and set a cozy aura. We are driven by natural elements,  our vision of design aims to enrich the human experience and is at the center of all our projects. Our design vision aims to enrich the human experience; it’s at the center of all of our projects.

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The Grey Designer Creative Studio offers consultations for all things home-related. Whether you are looking for help conceptualizing a brand-new space or seeking design direction simply by creating color palettes or light placement, our services are suitable for you. We will help guide you and answer all of your design questions.