about the grey designer

 Where everyday comfort meets everyday style 

The grey designer is a full-service residential interior design studio that specializes in online creative consultations. From Wisconsin & beyond with endless boundaries, we are capable of working on multiple creative projects; from consultations to design + build. TGD can assist with projects from start to finish, including consultation with architects, builders, as well as providing finishing touches that evoke life within one's space. We are driven by natural elements, our vision of design aims to enrich the human experience and is at the center of all our projects.


We love helping clients on all levels whether you are just looking for someone to bounce ideas off of, to a full on new home build; with our creative packages we have something for every design need! Our goal is take the stress out of the creative design process and keep you focused on what makes this process so exciting, creating a beautiful place of dwelling! With knowledge, experience, and our streamlined approach to making selections we guide our clients through the entire process. We are committed to designing beautiful spaces that reflect each client's personal style. We love making houses into homes, and sharing that love with others!

Our Transitional California inspired style approach to design is always evolving and inspired. We create interiors that respect time, nature, and the comfort of everyday life. We create spaces that inspire and feel awakened. We love to provide a space that encourages people to wind down and feel a sense of coziness and comfort in their home; where everyday comfort meets style.


The Designer behind TGD

The Grey Designer started as a hobby while I was working in the fashion industry, building our new home, raising two boys and managing the daily tasks that come with life. I was so wrapped up with the thought of building, and the idea of customizing every detail; I didn't think about the time commitment that would be needed to make our project a success. I quickly became overwhelmed with all of the selections that needed to be made, and in such a short amount of time. Before I knew it I was at the flooring store, with my husband and infant for six hours; after a full on diaper explosion and a frayed mama we finally completed one of the forty selections we needed to make! It was then that I realized, if I am feeling overwhelmed with this process that I couldn't be the only one out there feeling this way. Fast forward five plus years, TGD has helped clients throughout the country by streamlining the design process and taking out the unnecessary pressures that come with designing your place of dwelling.

- Erin